About Hywel Teague


Hywel Teague was formerly editor of Fighters Only magazine, the UK’s leading MMA and lifestyle magazine. He was actively involved in the MMA scene since 2002, and established himself as one of the industry’s leading writers during that time. He assumed the position of editor of Fighters Only in 2005 after working with them as a freelance reporter since their inception. This blog was titled after his popular monthly column, Notes from Ringside, which ran from 2006 to 2010.

After leaving Fighters Only in 2010 Hywel embarked on a freelance career that saw him work for various clients, including ESPN, Trace Sports TV (France), Globo TV (Brazil) and more. Projects included online sales and marketing, TV production and traditional print media.

Contact email: hywel.teague@gmail.com.
Twitter: @hywelteague

5 Responses to “About Hywel Teague”

  1. i really enjoy your blog hywel! i check for updates most days, im not sure that i have anything really as interesting to talk about lol, but you have inspired me to start my own. ive signed up on this site but im very unsure of how to use it, any tips wuld be much apreciated…. how did you get the blog title across your profile header pic at the top?

    any way great blog and thanks for the insparation not sure when ill start updating mine with usless rabble but check in for some fabulous spelling mistakes!!!

  2. Hi Hywel,

    Awesome Blog! Insane pictures! You recently posted a response on 164mph.com (the forum just got taken down) regarding a story about the Web site I recently created called http://www.mmaViking.com. It’s basically a campaign to bring the UFC to Stockholm, Sweden. You said that you recently wrote an article or story about “Vikings”? Can you tell me what issue # it was so that I can backorder this? Also, if there are any photos I could use (and credit you of course, with a link to your site) on the site, it would be much appreciated. You can contact me at olearysd@yahoo.com. Thanks again for the site, and you just got one more subscriber to Fighters Only magazine.

    Ryan O

  3. Hi Hywel (again),

    Thanks for the info you sent me last month regarding the magazine. Your staff there was helpful and responsive, too. I wanted to let you know that I did pick up last months magazine (with Tito on the cover) at the Arlanda airport in Sweden. The magazine is great. Last night, I was at Pressbyrån (a convenience store here), and picked up the latest mag (with Rampage on hte cover). The “Ghetto Superstar” article and pictures of Rampage are great, and insightful. Thanks again, and look forward to seeing your pictures of UFC 89.

    Ryan O

  4. This is one of those times the UFC needs support, a card plagued with injuries and I’m sure the UFC did whatever they could to try and fill the gaps.

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